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Thursday, 21 November 2013

Apps for Health

Nike Training Club

How it works: Choose your fitness level and goal and then let Nike Training Club suggests from over 100 workouts to get you on the fast track to fit - without the costly personal training sessions.

This app offers 15, 30 and 45-minute workouts attributing audio guidance and video demos from top Nike trainers and athletes. Bonus: Most workouts require minimal equipment.

Availability: Free for iOS and Android.


How it works: MyFitnessPal is one of the prime names in the health app store. With a catalogue of more two million food items, the app makes it simple for users to be in track of calories and much more.

That list can be used with all diets, whether you are going low-carb, high-protein, or just demanding to eat healthier.

Availability: Free for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry.


How it works: This app is once again about setting goals and getting over hurdles. Whether you want to drop a few pounds, learn a new language, travel the world, or start saving more each month, the gradually little by little tips and encouragement from other users will help instigate you to accomplish your individual 'summit.' Use the app to set reminders, put in order smaller mini-goals, and connect with other people on the same lane.

Also take photos, share comments on Facebook and Twitter, and network with other Everest users - even if your journey is a private one, the app makes it easy to get hold from friends and other goal-setters.

Availability: Free for iOS.


How it works: It helps you to search through more than 30,000 professionally-created recipes, save your favorites recipes, and create shopping lists require with this essential kitchen app.

On top of the basic recipes and shopping lists, the app offers bit by bit directions to help even trainee cooks navigate more complicated recipes.

Availability: Free for iOS and Android.


How it works: Zipongo is all about eating healthier. The app recommends concessions for healthy items, encloses a meal planning program, and a healthy reward system backed by employers and insurance companies that incentivizes better choices.

Now healthy food will not remain costly and complicated. Zipongo helps lower the cost and offer planning for healthier meals and improved grocery lists. The rewards system helps circle in employers.

Availability: Free for iOS and coming soon for Android.

Lumosity Brain Trainer or Brain Trainer Special

How it works: Both apps consist of exercises that aim to help with memory, attention and processing speed. The platform promises to improve memory, attention span, processing speed and mental flexibility, with personalized brain challenges designed to help with practical problems.

Availability: Lumosity Brain Trainer Free for iOS.
Brain Trainer Special Free for Android

Khan Academy

How it works: This app has lots of educational stuff loaded in it. Khan Academy features hundreds of video classes on each subject with a blink of eye, easy quality and supportive visual aids. It also helps teachers for the academic in their class room.

Why it's Friendly: This app makes that entire lesson handy with options to download specific videos and track your learning progress. Brain health is a vital piece of overall health and Khan Academy is paving a trail.

Availability: Free for iOS and Windows Phone.

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Wednesday, 20 February 2013

TELUS HEALTH Patient Stories-health apps


TELUS HEALTH shares the reality of three application users, Halle, Walter and Carolyn. 

Listen to their stories and see how TELUS's applications are making it easier than ever to 

manage chronic disease to allow for a better life.

Friday, 28 December 2012

Health Apps for New Year 2013

Whether it is improving health or managing finances better, most of us with sheer determination will make resolutions faor 2013 and there are plenty of apps to help them achieve their goals.
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Nearly half of New Year's resolutions are about setting health-related goals, which is the most popular category, according to a recent survey by online broker TD Ameritrade.
Rather than jumping into a rigorous fitness routine, a new app called 5K Runner suggests it might be better to ease into things slowly and focus on building sustainable habits. The iPhone app helps couch potatoes ramp up their running distance to 5 km over the course of eight weeks.
"You're slowly building this routine into your daily life with a lot of success and after eight weeks you're literally running 5K, which is pretty big if (initially) you're not running at all," said David-Michel Davies, the executive director of T he Webby Awards, an annual ceremony honoring Internet companies.
The app guides runners through each run, alternating periods of running and walking for 35 minutes.
Davies also recommends Nike+ Running and RunKeeper, two popular and free fitness apps, which use GPS to track distance traveled, speed and calories burned. Both apps are available for iOS and Android devices.
Diet is another component of good health and a focus of many apps. Fooducate is an iPhone and Android app that helps shoppers make healthier purchases at the supermarket by allowing them to scan the barcodes of products and get insight into how healthy the product is.
Their database, which contains over 200,000 products, displays a grade for the product and information on its contents. It can show whether there are hidden additives or the probability of containing genetically modified ingredients.
"There are a lot of healthy people out there who unknowingly buy products that have an inordinate amount of salt in them," Davies said.
DietBet is an app for people with a competitive streak. Available for iPhone and on the Web, it allows its users to join in a four-week weight loss challenge to lose 4 percent of weight. Everyone bets money, which goes into a fund, and submits proof of weight lost. People who meet the challenge split the money.
"It comes back again to how people get motivated," Davies said. "Gamification is something that technology has really enabled and for some people it really works."

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Fitness Apps and Mobile Accessories for the Holidays

Mobile applications and accessories help you to meet your fitness goals for the New Year. 

Scosche Sport Clips II headphones fit all ear types and will not fall out when running or 

working out. The FitBit One tracks your activity throughout the day. 

The iBolt allows you to mount your smartphone onto your bike or stroller.

AllSport GPS is a mobile app that will keep track of your run or bike ride along with the 

calories you burn.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012


The usage of smart phones, tablets are not necessarly seen as a communication tool ,rather it serves as a healthcare tool in broader perspective.

The market for mobile apps are growing with a greater pace. The market for health apps is estimated apprx $400 million by the year 2016. Out of hundreds of apps developed across globe, health apps are contributing of 40 %. The trend in mobile apps seems a trend changer in the public health domain.

These apps are of greater ease and adaptablity to learn quickly. As apps delivered are simple and inexpensive (max $1 or $2 per apps) this caused more users to experience it.

Thanks to tech experts who are constantly driving to provide more better and sophisticated apps for us. Very cheap and affordable

A recent suvey from  shows that , 17% of cell phone owners do most of their online browsing on their phone, rather than a computer or other device.
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Daily burn :

Keep track of calories consumed and track workouts to see how much energy is burned. The app is backed by the online fitness community DailyBurn Tracker.

Calorific :


Gies you a food library to record your calories,and assigns foods a red, yellow, or green light depending on whether they’re likely to help or harm your health.

Everyday Health :

Keep a track of calories and helps you to access expert advice and manage medical conditions.

iTriage :

With usage of yours current geographic location, it helps to track closest healthcare options on event of any troubling health symptoms.


 Glocuse Buddy:

 One of most prominent and globally used diabetes management apps. It helps to store your health statistics for usage of diabetics treatment.

Need of the hour:

With thousands of  health apps floating across the globe. It’s a tiresome task for health professionals and consumers to identify the genuine apps with high security standards  and privacy. Happtique, a mobile health app store has come up with a best program which address the need of the hour of health apps,called –“Happtique’s app certification program.

The purpose of the program is to help users identify apps that meet high operability, privacy, and security standards and are based on reliable content. The draft standards are the product of several months of deliberations by a Blue Ribbon Panel—consisting of a physician, nurse, biotechnology scientist, and patient advocate—that was formed by Happtique to oversee the development of the certification program’s standards and operating procedures.

The purpose of the program is to help users identify apps that meet high operability, privacy, and security standards and are based on reliable content.

The draft standards are the product of several months of deliberations by a Blue Ribbon Panel—consisting of a physician, nurse, biotechnology scientist, and patient advocate—that was formed by Happtique to oversee the development of the certification program’s standards and operating procedures.

For more information: Click Here

Mobile apps offers a huge market which are yet to be tapped. Greater advantage to the health care professionals who have a technology passion can take a chance in making more better healthy apps for humankind.

Further,  golden opportunity for entrepreneurs who want have larger pie in the health apps

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