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Friday, 12 December 2014

Future of Global Healthcare Industry

To my best knowledge, I have collected important and valuable sources which showcase future of healthcare industry. I am sure you will love this post as you will experience healthcare industry insights in one post.

Future of Healthcare 2014 - Mr. Krishna Udayakumar, Head, Global Innovation, Duke Medicine. --->Watch Here

The Future of Healthcare: Where will we be in 2023?

--->Watch Here 

Healthcare Technology Outlook 2020---> Watch Here

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

HealthCare Information Technology -Videos

Improve your knowledge of Healthcare Information Technology 

and Cloud Computing in HealthCare Segment.


Sunday, 22 June 2014

Cloud Computing in HealthCare 2014


Friday, 2 May 2014

Healthcare Cloud Computing Market


Friday, 21 February 2014

Take Poo to the Loo- Video Song by UNICEF India

UNICEF’s campaign Take Poo to the Loo has brought out the fight against open defecation – onto the streets and online; to industry, government bodies, academia and citizen groups, by roping in the strongest voices in the nation – the Youth. And this youth army now has a rousing mantra – India’s First Poo Song titled “Poo Party”. 


Composed by famous Indo-Jazz music composer, songwriter and producer Shrikanth Sriram (a Dewarist’s  artist who holds stunning compositions like the theme for the movie Life of Pi to his credit ), the song captures the brazenness and audacity of the Poo Man that irks and annoys his listeners. One feels a strong urge to put him in his rightful place by flushing him down the toilet. 

Speaking about the inspiration behind the music, Shri says “Ah Shit! The smell that brings me home very quickly with a thud! I would rather have the smell of Pav Baji bring me home. Anyone trying to do anything about public defecation needs to be supported fully. And the best I can do is to write some music to help.”

Composed  to shake-up and make one take action, the funky and animated song uses  ‘toilet sounds’ to show that if left to grow at its current pace, the disgusting reality of open defecation might multiply to a level where it starts invading your personal space. It might become a truth you wake up to every morning - bombarding your life during the day, and becoming a constant nightmare.  

“With this first poo song in the history of India, we have pushed the boundaries. Never before has open defecation been so visible through new media. This song demonstrates that you can talk about a very serious issue and challenge a deep rooted social norm in an accessible, fun way, and using everyday words common to young people,” states Caroline den Dulk, Chief Advocacy and Communication, UNICEF India. 

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Cloud Computing- Latest Updates

As always I have tried to showcase you valuable updates on cloud computing in Health care domain,so is this post now.

Large technology based organisations are already have come up with cloud computing applications exclusively for healthcare industry. These days healthcare analytics has been a vital area for tech comapnies to focus on.

However, I feel Cloud computing is still in nascent stage as far as healthcare domain as a whole is consider.Many more innovations are required by leveraging advances in technology, to facilitate healthy medical benefits to mass people.

             Why Mobility Needs Cloud Computing ???

                CollabRx - Cloud-based Data Analytics Systems

                           to Inform Healthcare Decision-making

       Transforming health care with information

Monday, 6 January 2014

Cloud Computing in Health Care Industry- Latest Updates

Hi Viewers, as we always post you updated on “Cloud Computing” and its effective benefits on “Health Care”.  Here are the few videos who are determined to implement cloud computing technology in to their healthcare organizations (clients).  I will keep my narration short so that you can enjoy videos in detail :-)

Also See this,

Can you leverage the cloud to improve workforce efficiency? Featuring Molina Healthcare . Click Here.

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Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Mobile Apps for Diabetes

Check this app, which is meant exclusively for Diabetes Management. This video is from physician point of view. Do, post your views on this app. 

My sincere request, for all the visitors of this blog,  is to suggest the benefits of these apps for needy.

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Lifebuoy video programs in India

Handwashing with soap saves lives. Lifebuoy has taken the handwashing programs to 

Thesgora, a village with one of the highest rates of diarrhoea in India. 

It is amazing to see children and mothers learn and spread the lifesaving message of 

handwashing with soap.

Pic Source: Company Source.

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Saturday, 3 August 2013

Cloud Computing and Health Care

In due process of making ,all the viewers of this blog, aware about the new wave in technology, i,e "CloudComputing" its usage and benefits it provides across healthcare vertical in particular. I have collected and been collecting valuable videos of cloud computing on "Health care" industry.

On this platform I urge all the health care professionals who are directly or indirectly associated with IT usage in their professional life to experience the significance of Cloud computing and do let world know the success on implementation of it. 

Here are the two more videos of cloud computing on healthcare industry.

You may like these too: Click HereFew more videos on Cloud computing

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Two best videos from World Bank .....

The World Bank asked "What Will It Take" to end poverty, and received thousands of responses via Facebook, Twitter and postcards, saying "It Takes" working together, ending corruption, promoting education, and many other ideas.

Source: WorldBank

Friday, 10 May 2013

Cloud computing in Healthcare

Everyone in the technology world is talking about cloud computing and big data. Enterprise applications are moving to the cloud and organizations are reaping the benefits of lower costs, greater functionality, and a better user experience. Big data promises to transform health IT with new uses for exponentially growing information flow. But what does the term "Cloud Computing" actually mean? And what exactly is "Big Data" and how can it improve care? What's the difference between hosted, ASP, SaaS, private cloud, and the rest? This fast and informative 45 minute webinar will explain all the facts, debunk the myths about cloud computing and big data.

After this Webinar you'll understand:

+ Cloud computing
+ Data security in the cloud
+ Software as a Service vs. Hosted ASP
+ Transitioning from installed/on-premise software to the cloud
+ Cloud deployments
+ Usage trends in HIT
+ Open APIs
+ Configurable vs customizable
+ Multitenancy
+ Total cost of ownership benefits of the cloud
+ Big Data capabilities
+ And more!

Saturday, 30 March 2013

Are Good Germs do make healthy buildings

Our bodies and homes are covered in microbes -- some good for us, some bad for us, and some just along for the ride.

As we learn more about the germs and microbes who share our living spaces, TED Fellow Jessica Green asks: Can we design buildings that encourage happy, healthy microbial environments?

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Webinar : Cloud Computing in Health Care

                           In this webinar held February 13, 2013, Dennis Giokas and Ron Parker of Canada Health Infoway talk  about the significant opportunity that exists to use cloud computing to deliver digital health to Canadians in a timely and effective manner.

Must Watch video for techies, who believes in Cloud computing technology  and its implementation across various sectors.


Friday, 8 March 2013

Kickstart Your Health By Neal Barnard,MD.

A Must watch Video, by Neal Barnard, MD. Although its a audio talk its worth listening .To all those who want to get control on what they eat and how to balance their diet will find a detailed explaination by Neal Barnard.

Author Neal Barnard, MD, is one of America's leading advocates for good nutrition. A pioneering clinical researcher, Dr. Barnard has conducted various studies on the ability of nutritional interventions to treat high-cholesterol diets, hormone imbal­ances, diabetes, and other conditions. His groundbreaking findings have appeared in numerous scientific journals such as The American Journal of Cardiology, Diabetes Care, and Preventive Medicine.

Dr. Barnard is the founder and president of the Physicians Committee for Respon­sible Medicine (PCRM), a nonprofit organization of doctors and laypersons that pro­motes preventive medicine, especially good nutrition, and addresses controversies in medicine, including ethical issues in research. He is also an adjunct professor of medicine at George Washington University as well as the president of The Cancer Project, a PCRM subsidiary that advances cancer prevention and survival through nutrition education and research.

Dr. Barnard is the author of 14 books, including Dr. Neal Barnard's Program for Reversing Diabetes, Breaking the Food Seduction, Foods that Fight Pain, and Eat Right, Live Longer. He is also the editor-in-chief of Good Medicine and the author of hundreds of articles and opinion pieces. Dr. Barnard is a regular guest on network talk and news shows and a busy public speaker.

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

TELUS HEALTH Patient Stories-health apps


TELUS HEALTH shares the reality of three application users, Halle, Walter and Carolyn. 

Listen to their stories and see how TELUS's applications are making it easier than ever to 

manage chronic disease to allow for a better life.

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Squatting for proper toilet posture

Educational video about the effects of improper toilet posture and how it can 

affect your health.How toilet posture can help with straining issues such as 

Hemorrhoids, Pelvic organ prolapse and constipation with squatting to 

eliminate.   A great healthy solution.

Monday, 11 February 2013

Health care Essentials !!!!

In this webinar, you will come across the  

Healthcare Essentials: Emerging Trends and Issues in  Mental Health Diagnostic.

Francis Murdock Pitts, FAIA, FACHA OAA conducts an in-depth analysis of recent trends and current practices in Mental Health reimbursement, diagnostics and treatment -- including key drivers of change in fundamental approach and their impact on design of inpatient and outpatient treatment settings.

You will learn how to better understand the complexities of reimbursement and their impact on facility planning including the IMD Exclusion (Institute for Medical Disease); how to better understand treatment modalities and impacts on design, and much more.