Sunday, 5 January 2014

AAPI Global Healthcare Summit 2014 -Ahmedabad.

The 8th annual Global Healthcare Summit (GHS) 2014, was organised by the Association of American Physicians of Indian Origin (AAPI) in collaboration with the Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs and Ministry of Health and the state government(Gujarat).

This forum ,mostly meant for exploring the innovative, efficient, cost-effective healthcare solutions for the country, have witnessed around 1,000 delegates have attended from around the world.

Dr.Srinivas Ramaka has shared his pic and awards ceremony brochure.

View Shri Narendra Modi addressing Global Health Summit, 2014 organised by AAPI at AMA.
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We heartfully thank all the award winners !!

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  1. The Africa Healthcare Summit 2015 will take place at the Olympia Conference Center in London on the 26 – 27 February. Register here for Africa Healthcare Summit.