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Saturday, 10 October 2015

Sugar Checkup package at Apollo Sugar Clinics

Apollo Sugar Clinics are offering Sugar Heart Checkup package with a discount of 15%.
Remember, this offer is upto October 18, 2015.

Following tests are covered in this package:

Lipid Profile

For more details, do call 1860 500 1066 (for Apollo Sugar select #2)

 Besides, this offer, Apollo Sugar usually offers Diabetic Checkup packages which are labeled as, 

Sugar 360 : Apollo Sugar Clinics annual engagement packages include regular visits to the Sugar clinic along with specific investigations, dietary advice and activity management.

Sugar 90 :Sugar 90 is ideal for diabetics who aim for a dip in HbA1c levels through vigilant monitoring and successful patient engagement.

Sugar One: Sugar One is a comprehensive analysis of diabetes and its complications done in a single day ideal from station from out station locations.

For more visit:


Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Mobile Apps for Diabetes

Check this app, which is meant exclusively for Diabetes Management. This video is from physician point of view. Do, post your views on this app. 

My sincere request, for all the visitors of this blog,  is to suggest the benefits of these apps for needy.