Thursday, 30 August 2012

The Heart check goes easy way

Are you one among them who have tried a lot for seeking an appointment with your cardiologist, for heart check. Gone are those days, with a new device yet to hit markets soon, you are going to save money as well time associated with the heart check.
Indian Scientist Dr Ravi Mehrotra, of  CSIR-NPL (Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, National Physical Laboratory), and thirty of his students at CSIR-NPL had invented a device that lets you get your heart checked in ten minutes. It fits into the palm of your  hand.

He says, "It is a full 12 lead device. It measures simultaneously all the 12 signals that a doctor needs. The software saves patient information and the final ECG. Records can be emailed and shared with experts."


How it works ?

Maximum time taken is 10 Minutes for the heart check.
Technicians at your local clinic will wire you up, with leads on your limbs and chest. Your body’s electrical signals will flow first into a box called HeartTrace and then, into a computer and ECG will be ready in seconds.
It’s as quick and hassle-free as a simple blood test. The estimated price is around Rs 10,000 -15,000/-
The reason it is so cheap, is technology. HeartTrace has no moving parts inside - just a printed circuit board. But burned into those circuits, is special software Dr Mehrotra wrote himself.

Affordable pricing :

Being, affordable pricing the device can easly get its presence across India ,even in smaller villages and towns. With its price one can get a brandable SMART PHONE.
This heart check device certainly going to bring a great change in the health sector of India. Main USP being is its time taken for a test is very minimal besides the cost. Further, most of us have a phobia ,being visited to large corporate hospitals. This can be overcome as you can have a smiliar ECG report from the heart check device by visiting your local hospital or family doctor.
Do check this space, will update more information on this device....

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Source: IBN Live

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