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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Benefits of drinking water


Our heavenly earth is surrounded by 70% of water. Out of this 98% is salted water.

The rest 2% is used as drinking water.Of this 2%, most of water is in the form of icebergs and ice mountains.

For most of living organisms water is regarded as major survival source.Among living organisms,as man is also one.

In our body, the nerves which helps muscles move,has  a water constitution of 75% water. The blood, which transfers required proteins across body, has 82% of water. Lungs which helps us inhaling pure oxygen, has 90% water. Control master of our body, the mind, has 76% water. Bones does have 25% water.

Follow these, please………….

A)         Start your day by drinking one or two glasses of water.

B)         Before you start exercise, drink few glasses of water.

C)         When you are going out,ensure to carry a water bottle with you.

D)         Drink water before you feel thirsty.If you feel thirsty it means your body has started    showing symptoms of dehydration.

E)         In your daily work life, ensure you drink water frequently. 
             Even it may be half glass, keep drinking.

F)         Drink pure water,even it may be a bottled water or well water.

G)         Don’t drink fruit juices which has high sugary levels/content

H)         Water is cost effective one, we have plenty of it to drink.
             Keep drinking and encourage others to drink

Per day, on an average,it is advisable for women to drink 2.2Litres(9 cups) of water

& Men should drink 3 litres(13 cups).