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Saturday, 30 March 2013

Are Good Germs do make healthy buildings

Our bodies and homes are covered in microbes -- some good for us, some bad for us, and some just along for the ride.

As we learn more about the germs and microbes who share our living spaces, TED Fellow Jessica Green asks: Can we design buildings that encourage happy, healthy microbial environments?

Monday, 24 September 2012

Happy Heart Week @

Healthy World is a marketer, distributor and retailer of health and wellness products and services in India.

For consumers, Healthy World is a single platform for all their health needs, and helps to understand about various products and services in the market. It offers products and services of various health brands in the market, qualifies them, and offers it under a single roof for the benefit of its consumers.
Do visit the link below, you have wide options in selecting from the grocery store for keeping your heart healthy. Healthy world do offers nutrition-based food , lifestyle-based food, age-gender based food as categories.
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