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Friday, 21 February 2014

Family Physician- How to choose one for better health

The famous saying, “Health is Wealth” will never need an explanation. Unfortunately most of us will realize the importance of health when we fall ill, rather it should be otherwise i,e following footsteps of prevention is better than cure.

Mostly major diseases are prevented when found in early stages. For e,g Cancer, when diagnosed at early stages, one can be cured completely.

This article gives you a clear insight about family physician, a.k.a family doctor, who is determined to serve us and can cure from major ailments when approached in time. 

Helping Hand:

Whether you are a part of joint or nuclear family. Having family physician is must.
When we(any of family members) fall ill we rush to hospitals or clinics which are near our residence or offices. Once we are healthy, we rarely think of doctors, hospitals or clinics. Keeping a check on these things may not be helpful in our professional career, they are certainly will be a helping hand for our family.Sometimes, visiting corporate hospitals will prove costly even for a small treatment kind or diagnosis. Its not a fault with you or with hospitals. It’s the corporate hospitals DNA which makes you to spend good amount of money for any treatment,whether its a minor or major one.

Choose one family physician, with good academic and work credentials, and make sure you and your family visit firstly, for any health issues.

Keeping informed him about your family health history, is must. This will help him to provide better treatment and can alarm you from major health issues which can be faced in mere future.

Money Less(wisely) Spent : The consultation charges of family physician are lesser, when compared with corporate hospitals. It is advisable to choose your family physician for any day care treatments.
Its fact, that your health insurance comes into action only when the insurer is hospitalized for minimum of 24 hours. Health insurance should be used for critical diseases diagnosis only, for rest visit family physician clinics. These are also called retail health clinics.

Pre and Post medical care:
Say for e.g if a family member has undergone operational treatment from a hospital, after being referred by your family physician. The post-operational treatment will be carried out from residence itself. This is the time where family physician will be more helpful. He guides, motivates and suggests to improve faster from ill-health. He acts as a Psychological support besides your family members support for a patient.

Say for eg. A person has met with an accident and he has undergone with major and critical surgery. Just experience how much trauma he and his family members would have gone through. Thanks to doctors effort, the patient is out of danger and he will be all set to lead normal life say,after four to six months of bed rest. Once patient resides at home, this creates a tough time for family members to carry out post medical treatment. Right, from keeping patient body fresh to feeding him proper food and giving him medicines on time. At this point , having family physician can help you to come out of this tough time. He can appoint a family nurse who can take care of keeping patient body fresh,and feeding food on time. Family doctor can also appoint family phsiotherapits, who can help patient to carry out his trainings suchas, walking with out support of chair or stick, as suggested by consultant doctor(s).

Health Records:

Keeping a list of family physicians prescriptions is must for every one. These prescriptions will be helpful in framing your own family health history. As like, corporate hospitals ,family physicians often will keep any computer based records.Its our responsibility to take care of these. Make sure, for every visit to your family physician you will carry prescription file/record. Although one may not face same health issues, all time. Keeping a record history will keep you check, on your health as whole. This will help you in framing a better healthy life.

Self Treatment Vs. Family Physician Treatment:

Say a big “NO” for any self treatment, may be its smaller one and can be cured with your knowledge. Fewer times, a look like smaller diseases,when not cured with proper diagnosis will turn to be costly in future when this should be fixed with high end technology equipments.

A Tip to carry your own treatment analysis is,  Keep a record of medical prescriptions written by your family physician. On top or backside of prescription do write for what disease the medicines are given for and also re-write the medicines name (as, doctors handwritten prescriptions are tougher to read and understand). With this activity you and your family members are kept well-informed about the diseases and its treatment.
Make sure you keep a word with your family physician in re-ordering the suggested medicines through earlier prescriptions.

Wishing every one, to have one good family physician and a healthy, wealthy life. 

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