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Friday, 10 August 2012

Empowering Women.....the SWATI way....

SWATI (Society for Women's Action and Training Initiatives), is a  non-profit organisation

based in the state of GUJARAT.

SWATI ,works on women and health too. SWATI began addressing health issues of the economically and socially marginalized women in October 1999, eventually scaling up its outreach to 49 villages of Patdi, Dhranghadra and Lakhtar talukas (blocks) of Surendranagar district. SWATI’s work on Women and Health is based on the premise that women’s health is not just a factor of poverty or availability of health services but is indicative of their status in society.

 A conscious decision to work within a human rights perspective led SWATI to adopt a process oriented approach for empowering women to understand and assume control over their bodies and health. We have extensively worked on these through community based initiatives and advocacy with the government and service providers on basic and reproductive health concerns of women.

To further reach larger people, SWATI has aligned with other groups and organizations through capacity building and networking for collective action in the areas of violence against women, right to information and advocacy for reproductive health concerns of women.

Following are the list of organisations, which SWATI joined with :

South Asia Network to Address Masculinities (SANAM)
Mahila Swaraj Abhiyan:network working to build capacities and leadership amongst Elected Women’s Representatives
Women Power Connect (WPC): national level organization of women’s groups and individuals working together for formalizing the process of legislative coordination. Our activities are aimed at influencing legislators and policy makers to frame gender-friendly policies, which impact women positively.
Jan Swasthya Abhiyan: the Indian circle of the People's Health Movement, working to establish comprehensive primary health care and action on the social determinants of health.
Janpath: A Network of NGOs working on development.
PRAVAH: A network to ensure safe, adequate and sustainable water supply for drinking and other domestic purposes to all.
To know more about SWATI, Click Here