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Friday, 14 September 2012

YOU WE CAN Cancer foundation by cricketer Yuvraj Singh

Yuvraj Singh Foundation (YSF) through its initiative YOUWECAN is here to endeavour that cancer is detected at an early stage, for one and all, and no one has to fight cancer alone.
Yuvraj Singh Foundation (YSF) will educate people about the benefits of early detection and fighting the stigma attached to it.

He was quoted by Indian Sports News as saying,

“The journey from being a part of the World Cup winning team to fighting for my life has
      indeed been full of emotions. I was faced with the biggest high of witnessing India
 lift the World Cup and the shock of suffering from cancer,
 both at nearly the same time".

YSF, through its initiative YouWeCan, will create consciousness on cancer prevention, early detection & fight against Stigma. YSF is a non-profit organization registered under the Bombay Trust Act 1950.
Yuvraj plans to introduce various initiative though this campaign which includes setting up detection camps through mobile vans, launch permanent detection centres across the country and also a ‘Speak up Campaign’ to establish a base for fighting Stigma against Cancer in association with the Indian Cancer Society.
Check this space,for more update on YOU WE CAN ,cancer initiatives.

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