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Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Door Step Treatment for HIV Patients

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More than 930,000 women and 145,446 children include more than 2 million people in India who are living with HIV. In the western Indian state of Maharashtra, 126,000 women and 28,982 children are affected by the virus.

Women and children living with HIV like Sharda (name withheld) have to travel 30 km on average to reach the SION hospital in Mumbai for treatment. Travelling to the hospital from Nashik, is a monthly ordeal for Sharda and her daughter and she often misses four to five days of work in a month due to opportunistic infections and visits to the health centre. 

And every time, she visits Mumbai, she spends between 500 and 600 rupees ($9-11 dollars) on transportation. Money, she could have spent in buying food for her daughter. And in cases of emergency, the lives of the patients, especially children, are at risk.

In partnership with the Government of India, UNICEF with the support from MAC, is rolling out the pilot telemedicine project for children in Maharashtra. The initiative will ensure quality services are made available to families such as Sharda and her daughter at their nearest health centre.

Source :Unicef India

Friday, 9 August 2013

Medical Insurance Policy for HIV Positive Patients

HIV Estimations 2012 based on HIV Sentinel Surveillance data up to 2010-11 highlighted that the estimated number of people living with HIV/AIDS (PLHIV) in India was 20.89 lakh in 2011; State-wise break-up is annexed.

As per HIV Estimations 2012, 86.34% of PLHIV were in the age group of 15-49 years in 2011 in India.

HIV prevalence among pregnant women is considered proxy for HIV infections in general population. As per HIV Sentinel Surveillance 2010-11, pregnant women in rural areas have HIV prevalence of 0.37%, compared to 0.44% among those in urban areas.

Ministry of Labour & Employment is implementing RashtriyaSwasthyaBimaYojana( RSBY) since 2008. From 2009 onwards, HIV/AIDS has been removed from the exclusion and therefore, PLHIV can get treated for hospitalisation within RSBY. At present 3.56 crore families in 28 States and Union Territories are covered under RSBY