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Saturday, 23 February 2013

Zumba Fitness training classes in Gujarat

Zumba Fitness® is the only Latin-inspired dance-fitness program that blends red-hot international music, created by Grammy Award-winning producers, and contagious steps to form a "fitness-party" that is  downright addictive.

Zumba Fitness Classes are conducted  by  Mr. Piyush koladiya , Ms. Archana Naidu, Ms.Aashita Thakkar.  All these instructors are well trained and certified too. You can find their contact details and scheduled classes with day and time. You can even notice their qualification credentials too. 

For Address and contact details of classes please click here  Zumba Fitness In Gujarat

NOTE: The information provided here is only informative, please do check with  the address / trainer before you make an appointment. Further, you can reach at Zumba Fitness official website

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Friday, 24 August 2012

Fitness programs



Fitness, this seven-letter word is making a great buzz in every individual life. For most of us the day starts with the fitness programs which are designed by the fitness trainers. With more individuals focusing of health and fitness, their has been a radical change in the fitness industry. Corporates are engaged with fitness programs and trainings for better health of their employees.
Fitness industry itself has transformed in its own way, besides offering as a lucrative career option. Although there are much fitness training institutes who are dedicated in grooming professional  fitness trainers. The selection of the best fitness training program is always comes with a huge cost and more search time.
Here are the few fitness training companies who have trained a good number of fitness trainers in the industry,till date. On successful completion of training program,the companies will offer a certificate which are valid for few years (at the discretionary of the training company).


Reebok Fitness Trainer Program

Reebok, the brand well-known for the athletic footwear, apparel and accessories, has come up with the fitness trainer program at its selected centers across India. They have course for a period of two and half  months (with 60 to 80 hours) inclusive of theory and practical classes.

Reebok Fitness Certification Course

The Reebok Instructor Certification course covers two broad areas
(a) Aerobic Methodology
(b) Step Reebok
The training format is designed in a manner that exposes the participant to the theory components of the syllabus, practical execution and revision tests for reinforcement.
Human anatomy, exercise physiology, theory of body conditioning and how to prevent injuries in exercise classes. These are taught with the aid of different teaching materials (supplied by Reebok). The students are taught to conduct classes to suit the needs of the clients. Time is given to improve the teaching and communication skill of the trainees.

Schedule of classes:

  1.  Music - Understanding phrases and blocks, cueing techniques and guidelines.
      Music drills.
 2.  Energy Systems - Aerobic and Anaerobic systems and ATP production.
 3.  Aerobics exercise program - nature of aerobics, components of a balanced class,
      aerobics exercise  program design, physical program requirements for aerobics.
4.  Aerobics class format-warm up, cardio respiratory phase and movement dynamics
      during aerobics.
5.  Theory and principles of body conditioning- training principles, body alignment and posture.
6.  Human Anatomy- Different body parts in body conditioning, origin, insertion and function
    of various    muscle groups.
7.  Theory of body conditioning teaching- training areas, progression, positions, contractions,
      exercise prescription, practical guides.
8.  Stretching- Background, anatomical and physiological limitations on the body,  stretching     methods   and guidelines.
 9.  Choreography- Core moves.
10. Injuries -Prevention, classification of injuries, importance of rest and recovery, contra
          indicated exercises & injury management.
 11. Flexibility-importance, factors affecting flexibility, types and physiology of stretching.
 12. Special population-Exercise Program Design, diseases, exercise precautions and guidelines.
13. Nutrition and health screening.   

Where are the fitness training centers located :

Reebok Fitness Trainer Programs are being held at :
NewDelhi, Gurgaon,Noida,Ghaziabad,Mumbai,Bangalore,Hyderabad,Chennai,Ahmedabad,Surat,and Pune.
For more Information :Click Here



Talwalkars Better Value Fitness Limited, commonly known as Talwalkars, is one of India's largest chain of health centres. It has over 120 ultramodern branches across 60 cities in the country, with over 1,25,000 members.

TALWALKARS Training Academy


Established in the year 2007 in Thane, Talwalkars Training Academy is a complete training centre offering aspiring candidates dedicated to providing cutting-edge programming and educational information to aspiring health and fitness professionals. 

A significant part of the training is focused on the nuances of fitness, incorporating both practical and theoretical classes on topics ranging from weight training, cardiovascular fitness, special populations, nutrition, on the job training as well as appropriate behaviour, norms & prevailing corporate culture.

For more information :Click Here

Gold's Gym

 Gold's Gym started in Venice California in 1965, and soon became the hotbed for the development of training techniques, equionebt and nutritional concepts that formed the foundation for the modern fitness revolution. The India Chapter of Gold's Gym started in 2002.
Gold's Gym India has launched India's very fist international Fitness Management Institute-Gold's Gym Fitness Institute. It offers certificate in Fitness Management, Personal Training and Group Exercise Instructing.
Gold's Gym Fitness Institute covers a range of subjects to comprehensively address and ensure the best international brand practices in India.
The two-month courses are monitored by qualified personnel of Gold's Gym, and alos hosts guest lectures by the biggest names in the international fitness industry with guranteed internships and a firsthand opportunity to experience fitness training from the world leaders in it.
 For more information ,please Click Here