Saturday, 10 October 2015

Sugar Checkup package at Apollo Sugar Clinics

Apollo Sugar Clinics are offering Sugar Heart Checkup package with a discount of 15%.
Remember, this offer is upto October 18, 2015.

Following tests are covered in this package:

Lipid Profile

For more details, do call 1860 500 1066 (for Apollo Sugar select #2)

 Besides, this offer, Apollo Sugar usually offers Diabetic Checkup packages which are labeled as, 

Sugar 360 : Apollo Sugar Clinics annual engagement packages include regular visits to the Sugar clinic along with specific investigations, dietary advice and activity management.

Sugar 90 :Sugar 90 is ideal for diabetics who aim for a dip in HbA1c levels through vigilant monitoring and successful patient engagement.

Sugar One: Sugar One is a comprehensive analysis of diabetes and its complications done in a single day ideal from station from out station locations.

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