Monday, 8 September 2014

Mid year health review 2014

Mid-Year review on your health

We are at midyear 2014. Before starting of this year, each one of us had our own resolutions to maintain, achieve and to realize dreams by end of this year. Its great to have a resolutions list already prepared before start of the year to see oneself a head being healthy and wealthy too.

Assuming, most of us had such a checklist(as I call ,here) prepared and this list as some percentage of “health” part included.

If you are the one who had not yet prepared or not yet seen realizing your check-list. This below information will certainly gives a heads up to see these points are realized.

“Better late than never”

  • Please visit nearby diagnostic centre to have basic health checkup, upon which you will have a clarity how you can have a check on your cholesterol levels, intake of water, Blood cells count and Urine infections, if any.

  • Have you paid your health insurance premium? If not please pay before due date.  Even your employer provides one, it is always suggestible to have one separate (this can be handy, if you are out-of job for a while or if u wish to take a break from your work for a year long.)

  • If you have kids or senior citizens, make sure you are attentive for any ill-health symptoms they show up especially during rainy and winter months.

  • Always keep Phone (Mobile numbers) of family doctor (if you don't have one, any doctor near your residence), Pharmacist and multi-specialty hospital.

  • You have joined in a gym with a curiosity to cut down calories or build muscles, are you still continuing? If not, still you have six months ahead to see what you have dreamt off before joining gym.

  • Make sure you have first-aid kit at your home. If you have one, check essential items are in full stock. If you do not have one yet, please get it as soon as possible.

If you have points to increase this list, please comment below.

Wishing you all to be always healthy and wealthy.

Thank You.



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