Friday, 10 May 2013

Cloud computing in Healthcare

Everyone in the technology world is talking about cloud computing and big data. Enterprise applications are moving to the cloud and organizations are reaping the benefits of lower costs, greater functionality, and a better user experience. Big data promises to transform health IT with new uses for exponentially growing information flow. But what does the term "Cloud Computing" actually mean? And what exactly is "Big Data" and how can it improve care? What's the difference between hosted, ASP, SaaS, private cloud, and the rest? This fast and informative 45 minute webinar will explain all the facts, debunk the myths about cloud computing and big data.

After this Webinar you'll understand:

+ Cloud computing
+ Data security in the cloud
+ Software as a Service vs. Hosted ASP
+ Transitioning from installed/on-premise software to the cloud
+ Cloud deployments
+ Usage trends in HIT
+ Open APIs
+ Configurable vs customizable
+ Multitenancy
+ Total cost of ownership benefits of the cloud
+ Big Data capabilities
+ And more!

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